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Amazonian mushrooms are known in the psychonaut community as a potent super strain! Amazon cubensis can be found in extremely large flushes. Amazonian’s are thought to have an authentic psychedelic experience, due to being found in an abundance of nature, in the centre of the heart for the earth.

Dosage Weight
0.1g – 0.25g
0.25g – 1g
Common Beginner
1g – 2.5g
Normal Spiritual
2.5g – 4g
4g – 5.5g
5.5g +
  • The dosage chart above is just meant to be a challenging guideline. The dosage can be greatly affected by a wide range of factors, including tolerance, metabolism, enjoyment, diet, weight, current drugs, and state of mind. The dosage of psilocybin magic mushrooms can be increased by the method of consumption. Lemon tek, mushroom tea, and edible mushrooms.
  • You can experiment with our magic mushroom dose calculator as well. For many years, the Amazonian natives have used this area to further their cultural understanding. It is a fantastic range for non-religious growth. Highly regarded for its entheogenic effects. Amazonians are known for their exceptionally dense final product and nippled crowns. Dark golden brown describes the caps. However, due to its ability to adapt to various environmental conditions, color can vary a piece to a deeper brown.
  • The Mexicana cubensis has much thinner stems that are in proportion to the size of the caps. A deep, pure, correct psychedelic experience that can lead to significant spiritual development It provides a modest high but still has enough readability for consistent cerebral development. Excellent intellectual enjoyment, a common preference for users looking for this. At light doses in this range, moderate visual and aural hallucinations are not uncommon.
  • The physical makeup and metabolic rates of each person vary greatly. If you’re taking psilocybin for the first time or significantly increasing your dosage, choose a safe, comfortable, and if possible, familiar place. You might also consider asking a sober tripsitter to be your partner for the upcoming ride because individual mind chemistry and frame length, as well as your environment and emotional state, all play a significant role in how each character may respond to psilocybin. Many customers who want to microdose may need to select predosed gel caps. Depending on the amount and the kind, amazonian effects may begin 10 to 40 minutes after ingestion and may last between three and six hours.
  • Users should expect a wide range of possible outcomes and sensations, including the mystical, ecstatic, and revelatory as well as the hyperspatial and mind-alteringly observant. Some users report warping of the visual field and Dali-like melting objects at doses exceeding 2 grams. Other possible effects include temporal dilation, hallucinations that can occur with either the eyes open or closed, and synesthesia (the ability to “see” sounds and “feel” colors). Always stay hydrated, especially if you’re outside or engaged in a passion like dancing. You may also try drinking some honey ginger tea to help with any potential motion sickness during the build-up.
  • Do not take when pregnant, and never combine with other drugs, especially alcohol. Try our other magic mushrooms, edibles, or shroom chocolates if you don’t need Amazonian mushrooms. Try Penis Envy mushrooms if you’re looking for something more potent.

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