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Ketamine is a medication that is used to induce loss of consciousness or anesthesia. It can produce relaxation and relieve pain in humans

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Ketamine is also known as K, Ket, special K, Vitamin K, or horse tranquiliser. This medication is used to induce loss of consciousness or anesthesia. It can produce relaxation and relieve pain in humans and animals.

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It is used in veterinary medicine. In humans, it can induce and maintain general anesthesia before, during, and after surgery.

For medical purposes, ketamine is either injected into a muscle or given through an intravenous (IV) line.

Uses of Ketamine

In human medical practice, it is used in procedures such as:

  • cardiac catheterization
  • skin grafts
  • orthopedic procedures
  • diagnostic procedures on the eye, ear, nose, and throat
  • minor surgical interventions, such as dental extractions

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Its been used in hospitals setting to control seizures in patients. Such as status epilepticus (SE), a type of epilepsy that can lead to brain damage and death. However, researchers point out that ketamine is normally used for this purpose after 5 to 6 other options have proven ineffective. Related Medications: MDMA crystal

It is also an analgesic, and, in lower doses, it can relieve pain.


Snorting Ketamine is considered relatively safe in medical settings.This is because it does not affect the protective airway. It reflexes, and it does not depress the circulatory system.

However, some patients have reported disturbing sensations when awakening from ketamine anesthesia.

Ketamine can cause an increase in blood pressure and intracranial pressure, or pressure in the brain.

People with the following conditions cannot receive ketamine for medical purposes:

  • brain swelling
  • glaucoma
  • brain lesion or tumor

It is used with caution in those with:

  • coronary artery disease
  • increased blood pressure
  • thyroid disease
  • chronic alcohol addiction
  • acute alcohol intoxication
  • aneurysm
  • chest pain
  • mental illness

These effects may be stronger in people aged over 65 years.

Some people may have an allergy to the ingredients. If Patients are suffering from any of the following problems please contact your doctor if you have or contact a nearby hospital immediately.


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