Dames Mushroom Infused Edible Gummies (3000mg)


A total of 3000 mg of Penis Envy psilocybin and 12 gummies are included in the bundle. Each gummy is carefully microdosed with 250 mg of superior micro dosing. This grade is ideal for beginners because it allows for accurate and customized dosing.

*Please be aware that items may melt upon delivery owing to the warmer weather. Refrigerate the product for a couple of hours if it melts.

With its 3000mg beginner-friendly psilocybin mushroom-infused gummies, Dames Gummy Co. surpasses expectations. These delicious fruit-flavored treats, which are meant for first-time users, give you the chance to experience the therapeutic advantages that psilocybin has to offer thanks to their reliable advanced micro-dosing formula. With the excellent cherry or strawberry fruit-flavored gummies from Dames Gummy Co., experience the calming and euphoric effects of psilocybin.

They’ve created the ideal recipe for these euphoric goodies without the harsh and terrible dried mushroom flavor, just like they do for all of Dame’s candies. You’ll find these less harsh on your taste buds and stomach than dried mushrooms.  There are 12 gummies in the complete package, each exactly micro dosed with 250mg of advanced micro dosing, and 3000mg of psilocybin in total. This grade is ideal for beginners because it allows for accurate and customized dosing.

Instructions for dosage: For beginners, start with 1 piece. Up to four pieces are suitable for experienced users. Before stepping up the dosage, please give the early effects 30 minutes to an hour to kick in.


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