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Origin: South America

Starting Dose: Start with 2 gram then wait for 3 hrs

Onset Time: 45 to 60 minutes

Duration: 4-5 hrs

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Want to step into your own world? Allow the Blue Meanie Mushrooms to mute the outside world and enclose you in your own private realm of hallucinogenic marvels. A strong body buzz, euphoria, powerful auditory and visual hallucinations, and a very uplifting and psychoactive sensation with a typical peaking frequency are all characteristics of the Blue Meanie high. They are given the blue meanie call because of the deep blue bruising at the stem indicating a massive hit of psilocybin stem indicating a massive hit of psilocybin. Because it contains high levels of psilocin and psilocybin, this strain is said to provide users with an even more psychedelic experience than simpler-to-grow mushrooms like the Golden Teacher.

What Dosage of Mushrooms Should I Use? –

Blue Meanie Shrooms

The dosage can be greatly influenced by a wide range of factors, including tolerance, metabolism, experience, nutrition, weight, current drugs, and region of origin.
The dosage of psilocybin magic mushrooms can be increased by eating style. Lemon tek, mushroom tea, and edible mushrooms. Its four to eight-hour duration of action can be overpowering for first-time users, so be careful with the dosage. Users seeking a nice time alone or with friends should check out Blue Meanies. The overwhelming pleasure, blissful feelings, inventive hallucinations, and uncontrollable laughing will undoubtedly be a remarkable encounter.

  • You can experiment with our magic mushroom dose calculator as well. Meanies are known to have a good, rich supply of psilocybin and have a long history of socializing with the Bali islanders. They had been used for festivals and fairs for many years. The islanders have also used blue meanies for creative purposes, expressiveness, and establishing of creativity. Visitors to Bali are typically given meanies, which are frequently those seen. Blue bruises amid its natural beige and golden brown hue. White spots are frequently scattered around the fruiting cap. The stem is moderately thick. The maximal normal cubensis strains are not even close to the potency of the blue meanie mushroom. The effects are really uplifting and obvious. A top-notch selection to enhance innovative creativity
  • When taking psilocybin for the first time or significantly increasing your dosage, choose a secure, comfortable, and if possible, familiar location. Don’t forget to ask a sober ride sitter to join you for the upcoming ride as well. Everyone’s body structure and metabolism are unique, and human mind chemistry and frame length play a significant role in how each man or woman may respond to psilocybin. Teas are always a great choice if you’re looking for a milder, microdose effect. Depending on the amount and the person, effects may begin 10 to 40 minutes after ingestion and last for three to six hours.
  • Similar to all tryptamines, psilocybes frequently cause what has been dubbed “the blue meanie mushroom yawn,” which intensifies as one approaches peak yet is enthusiastic rather than exhausted in the rest of the body. Users might anticipate a wide range of possible results and sensations, including the mystical, ecstatic, and revelatory as well as the hyperspatial and mind-altering observing.
  • Some users report warping of the visual field and Dali-like melting objects at doses exceeding 2 grams. Other possible effects include temporal dilation, hallucinations that can occur with either the eyes open or closed, and synesthesia (the ability to “see” sounds and “feel” colors). Always stay hydrated, especially if you’re exercising outside or engaging in a pastime like dancing. You can also try drinking some honey ginger tea to help with potential morning sickness. Do not mix with other medications, especially alcohol, and do not use if you are pregnant. Blue meanie mushrooms are renowned for their power and excellence. Psychonauts with experience only need to remember not to forget.

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