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John Allen first gathered the classic variety known as “Leucistic Cambodian” while he was in that country. These were developing in the manure of cows near the Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This particular strain carries a mutation that makes it leucistic! Due to this, there is a partial loss of pigmentation, which distinguishes it from albinism. The spores would also be white if it were albino.

This uncommon magic mushroom strain from the P. Cubensis family is called Leucistic Cambodian. Although they are improved, leucistic Cambodians still have the same characteristics as Cambodian Cubensis. This stunning variety has greater strength than the typical Cubensis mushroom.

You can anticipate a rapid onset, an energizing high, and improved sights. Leucistic Cambodian shroom is suitable for recreational use and will make you happy and euphoric in any social situations.



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